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Is it a Bullet or a Plane? No! It is Superman with healthy Lungs! December 2, 2011

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You’re running like a crazy person on the middle of the sidewalk with your hair blowing up in the air and your backpack or purse is flapping against your body as you chase down the Muni bus. The action scene described here will likely astonish other San Francisco commuters who may be watching you.  Here’s another scenario for you; you’re rushing through airport security dragging your carryon bag and pushing other travelers out of the way trying to make your flight. Now, someone could alert airport security to chase and tackle you down. You take deep breaths and hold the air in your lungs in order to exhale it with a high opera note, this could damage people’s hearing if your voice is not well developed yet.  The mere fact that you can accomplish these exercises is a good indicator that your lungs are working properly.  The problem could be when without any extreme activity, one starts having shortness of breath, prolonged coughing, excess fluids in your lungs, swelling and pain in your chest, and dizziness which can all be attributed to a variety of lung problems.

I know, its scary and gross...but it is reality of Lung Cancer!

Lung cancer or lung disease is a leading cause of death in the United States and unfortunately we don’t have a very effective treatment or cure yet.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention black males are in the highest risk bracket of suffering from lung cancer followed by white males, then white females. Hispanic females are shown to be on the lowest risk category according to the statistics.  California is among the states with one of the lowest rates of lung cancer conversely central and southern states have the highest rates.  As we get older the chances of suffering from lung cancer increases with causes ranging from smoking, radon gas, asbestos, and genetics as contributing factors for this disease.  Even though we don’t have a highly effective treatment or cure yet, early detection increases the chances of survival.
Lung Screening and testing is still sort of complicated and prone to errors.  The problem lies on the type of technology used in the screening process.  Normally to take a good reading, scan, or image of our organs; it is vital that said organ remains motionless. This is extremely hard to do since we need to breathe which results in the contraction and expansion of the lung tissues. Conventional lung scanning or X-ray is not very efficient in detecting lung cancer or tumors at an early enough stage to treat it effectively.  With the previously mentioned scanning technology, the tumor has to reach the size of an orange before it can be fully detected and diagnosed.  People with lung cancer typically die within 5 years. Those with early detection and treatment have a 70% to 80% chance of not dying within the first 2 years of diagnosis. The three most popular methods of detecting lung cancer are: Chest X-rays , Sputum cytologySpiral CT scan. The Spiral (Helical) Computed Tomography is one of the newest and affordable technologies for lung and chest scanning.  It costs around $300.00. It seems expensive but when we are having trouble breathing, $300.00 can be life saving.  This process again uses X-ray imaging and 3D technology.  This is a more effective cancer scanning test because it takes images of the lung with supper fast speed so the patient doesn’t have to stop breathing while doing this scan.  It is also able to scan the entire chest and lungs in a very short period of time causing the least amount of stress on patients.  Further, it can provide thousands of images for technicians and doctors to analyze and come up with more accurate diagnosis and treatment.  This improved screening and detecting technology may not assure ones surviving lung cancer but it will help to detect the cancer early enough so that proper treatment can be taken thus increasing ones chances of extended life.


1. zohranaeemi - December 4, 2011

You always write about interesting topic and this one is my favorite too. I am working in a cancer resaerch lab and it is very interesting and sad when I see the cancer patients. The pictures are not gross to me , but I like to learn more about it. Well writin post thank you for sharing with us.

carlosgreat - December 4, 2011

This is a topic of interest to me too. I have relatives that smoke and I worry about their health, but you can’t force anyone to change their habits. It is a personal decision or commitment.

2. iamdanielhuang - December 4, 2011

Thanks for the information about lung cancer. Does one get their lungs scanned regularly? Or does one wait till they suspect something wrong? Great read as always.

carlosgreat - December 4, 2011

Usually we don’t scan unless we are in the high risk or start feeling some symptoms. But if we have discomfort, checking it soon will help diagnose if anything is wrong sooner. One of my brothers smokes and every time I hear he is sick, I immediately think that it could be related to his smoking. Needless to say, I always bug him about his smoking and the need to check himself constantly.

3. lineahann - December 7, 2011

This is interesting, I wonder why white people tend to get lung cancer more frequently than hispanics? Makes me a little paranoid… ( : I have asthma and I find myself short of breath often, it is a horrible feeling. I don’t smoke but everyone in my family does, I am allergic to smoke so it really affects me. I also get paranoid that very time i have really bad asthma that it is something serious, however getting a scan seems extreme and expensive..

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