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Atomic bomb to identify cancers! December 9, 2011

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Throughout the semester my blog’s focus has discussed the need and usage of 3D technology to improve our health system and making this technology more affordable worldwide.  At the beginning I intended to present software and techniques to understand and develop our own 3D programs or basic simulations, but my goal changed along the way.  As I learned more about my classmates and my blog group, I realized that I had the responsibility to present my ideas and presenting it in a way that was suitable to their understanding and interest.  Unless they were programmers they wouldn’t be interested on how the technology was developed, instead I decided to present, as honest as possible, the usage, benefits, responsibility, and accessibility of each 3D technology examined.  Because every individual  should have the ability and responsibility to present, accept or reject any new technology, I have decided to incorporate my post, 3D Medical Scanning Machines and the class essay, The Future Is Now chosen by Karen to broader our understanding of radiation.

I present 3D scanning technology as a means of improving people’s lives. Further we’ll explore Katherine Anne Porter’s essay on the use of the atomic bomb against Japan as a means of destruction and general lack of responsibility. Porter, in her essay, The Future is Now questions the implications and consequences of technological advancements and the liabilities and motives of the people involved.  She refers to the “lunatic atomic bomb” as a weapon to subjugate the world and keep its inhabitants in fear and desperation.  She finds guilt and liability on the droppers, makers, and formula writers of the Atomic Bomb.  I agree that scientists should be liable for the developing of technology that purposely endanger life and the eco-health of our Planet.  However, it is not possible to stop technological advancements when curiosity is part of our DNA, we can only enforce proper judgment and safety.  On my findings I clearly report that most of these 3D scanning systems use some level of radiation; however, the small amount of radiation used is for identifying afflictions in our bodies. Now we have a better understanding of our concerns about the dangers of electromagnetic radiations and nuclear radiation medicine involved on body scans as supposed to what doctors and technicians knew back in the late 1800s when they first started to use X-radiation.  We know that radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays can cause great tissue damage that can ultimately turn into cancers and tumors; therefore, scientists and developers use only a small and controlled amount of radiation on body scanning systems.

Katherine is a visionary in that despite the fear of more nuclear weapons, she believes that the then chaotic society would reach the moon and the stars.  She foresaw great advancement on current and future technology; however, she questions the lack of compassion and care when she says, “We take with apparent calmness the news of death of millions”.  I have criticized on many occasions on my blog and other means, that the whole purpose of technological advancement should be the wellbeing of everyone especially when it involves healthcare.  I am not opposed to the idea that some people’s wallets will get fatter with the invention or modification of technology, but the ultimate goal should be the improvement of life for the human race.  Porter being a realistic visionary compromised with her questions, if “the human race should have gone on sitting in caves gnawing raw meat and beating each other over the head with the bones?”  The irony or paradox is on the embracement of technological advancements; even though, it might end up hurting us.  Very often science breakthroughs are a result of ideas from creative minds that present futuristic scenarios on writings, TV, and movies. Some of my blogs ideas about 3D scanning imaging and holographic technology come from Star Trek, a science fiction series on TV.  Some people might say that my approach or ideas are unrealistic or uninteresting, but we are a collection of capable minds of which a great number of possibilities can flourish to accomplish our goal, the well being of the human race.


1. zohranaeemi - December 12, 2011

As always I liked your post and it is very informative and a very creative way of relating it to the essay ” future is now” . It is true that 3D imaging made our live much easy. I learned a lot from your post through out the semester and other day I was talking about 3D imagining with a friend of mine and I could not believe that I got so much information from your posts. Thanks for the articles and images you posted in your blog.

jenougher - December 19, 2011

I agree with Zohra; this is a very creative post. You used Porter to get a new angle on your topic. Very inventive!

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