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Hologaphic – Pocket Doctor November 28, 2011

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Holograms - Doctors & Communication

As we get older it gets harder to remember specific details of our health history with symptoms, medical exams, and previous doctor’s diagnosis and treatments.  I have seen family member’s struggle when trying to explain their medical history to new doctors.  When elderly get relocated they don’t want to go see a new doctor, because they miss the previous doctor or they are worried about details and questions asked by the new doctor.  The best choice would be for a relative to accompany them so that a better medical history could be provided to a new doctor or hospital, but sometimes it is just not possible for relatives to take time off and take their elderly family members to see the doctor.  Last week I accompanied my mother to see a new specialist and even though she is only in her 60s; she was asking me for details from her previous doctors in order to provide a better medical history to the specialist.  Seeing my own mother worried in the waiting room, pulling my left arm, and asking me questions about her previous medical treatments before she went into the specialist office, made me want to provide or create some sort of pocket doctor for her.  It would be a lot easier for seniors to carry a database of their medical history or better yet some sort of 3D holographic doctor or some sort of simple 3D communication between doctors.  I realized that for younger people, my idea might seem a little childish or unnecessary, but the usage of a 3D communication device is worth considering.

Simulated Holographic technology is already being used in news networks, universities and medical field.  During the last presidential election, CNN started to use holographic imaging to interview and interact with reporters in different parts of the country.  Wolf Blitzer from CNN in New York had an interview with a reporter from Chicago and their communication seemed fairly smooth with no distortion or interruption visible to the viewers.  During the interview they specifically explained their surrounding and the technology involved to make that holographic projection possible.  In an article by Lydia Leavitt on engadget.com the author explains that UCLA has already developed a device of around 6 inches that make use of holographic imaging technology and could be used to test, water, blood or food.  The base price for this device is under $100.00 which is affordable for the general population once it is perfected and distributed.  I am sure that with time and better programming more devices like this one can be developed to meet a greater range of needs.  My focus of course is on developing a fairly small device that seniors can carry in their pocket or purses and will help them communicate with their medical providers.  Bringing prominent doctors together in conferences, medical searches, surgical rooms, or classrooms is very expensive and almost impossible in time management.  The use of holographic technology could make these events possible and in the process expanding medical knowledge for doctors, students and patients.  I admit that my ideas behind this post are in part based from the movies Star Wars and the Star Trek series, we can’t deny that if this technology is improved and affordable, it will change communication and hopefully improve our health care system worldwide.
Do you think that this can be accomplished? Do you think that it is unrealistic, keeping in mind that we already have “smart” gadgets that helps us find information faster than we ever thought possible?

Extreme Shooting Pain November 5, 2011

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http://www.emedicinehealth.com/ chest_pain/page3_em.htm

Last Saturday evening after having dinner with my sister and mom in New Jersey; I had a short frightening experience.  The snow was coming down hard, the streets were very slippery and impossible to drive, trees and branches were breaking and falling on the middle of the streets and on tops of cars breaking windows and windshields. My sister baked some very aromatic and delicious chicken with rice with a lot of mild herbs and sweet spices.  My mom cooked handmade tortillas; it was automatically assumed that the three of us would be staying indoors and eating together.  It was a very stressful week for the whole family (I will not elaborate), so sitting together at dinner time and watching some of my sister’s favorite soap operas sounded comforting and reassuring.  The three of us prepared our own dish of food and poured hot chocolate into my mom’s favorite clay cups. We then walked into the living room, sat down on the sofas and ate.  My sister usually complains when we eat on her couch, but this time she seemed very comfortable with it.   We were eating, gossiping, and criticizing the soap opera until 10:30pm.  My sister and my mom each went to their respective rooms, the dishes were left on the sink and I stayed on the living room floor watching the Animal Planet network.  Around midnight I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink and saw the dirty dishes in the sink.  Knowing how much work these two wonderful ladies had done earlier trying to cook something comfortable and tasty for me; I was compelled to wash the dishes and clean the stove and kitchen table. I turned on the water and sprayed dish liquid soap all over the dirty dishes on the sink.  The sink is a little too high for me so I had to stretch my back up a little and lean forward pressing on the edge of the sink with the upper part of my stomach.  Halfway through the dishes I felt this extreme shooting pain around my chest.  I don’t remember where the pain was exactly, all I knew was that I couldn’t move, breath or scream.  Anyone would be scared and perhaps ask for help, wouldn’t you agree?

This has happened to me in the past, usually when I am under a lot of stress, but my doctor has assured me that I am fine.  The fact that my grandfather and father died from strokes is not very reassuring.  So there I was in the middle of a snowy night, alone in the kitchen and imagining the worst possible scenarios for this overpowering pain that I was experiencing.  I was afraid of doing anything that would worsen the pain and even though I wanted to scream I didn’t want to wake up the others in the house.  Finally I had the courage to start inhaling and exhaling trying to calm down and telling myself of the nice evening I had with my mom and sister. These calming thoughts helped me to relieve of my stress.  I am sure that pain only lasted seconds but it felt like an eternity to me.  I will go check with my doctor again one of these days; I don’t want to neglect my own health, especially since I am paying so much for my Kaiser health insurance.  I was curious to find out more about these unexpected shooting pains and thank God I was able to find so much information on the internet and medical web sites.  I found many terminologies, explanations and warnings by just googling.  One blog with very generous detail for the description of this type of pain is failedsuccess.com.  I know this is not a medical blog, but it gives a very close description of what I was feeling, they suggest it is Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS) and that it is very common and not life threatening.  Studies have shown that PCS affect a great number of children ages 8 to 16 and is less frequent on adults.  However, parents and adults in general should not take chest pain lightly because it could very well be a heart attack and die for not seeking medical attention.   I am not sure if that is what I was experiencing or was it triggered by body posture, eating and resting on the couch, stress, crappy weather, or warning signs that I should go see my doctor soon.  Whatever the reason I am very happy it only lasted for a short period of time, what lasted longer was my mom’s and my sister’s upset faces when they found the next morning that I had this pain and didn’t call them for help :).

Stay tuned next week we get back on topic with 3D imaging.