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3D Body Gestures To Control Equipment From Distance October 31, 2011

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This week, I had to come to New Jersey for an important family situation and I hope to be back in San Francisco by Wednesday.  Family is very important to me and I will do whatever necessary to be present when I am needed.  I am staying at my sister’s house that is located one block away from one of the best Manhattan’s views.  Every time I come around here, I go to Boulevard East Street in North Bergen, NJ and just fix my sight to a beautiful city across the river that never sleeps.  This view is high up on the New Jersey side and it looks out onto Manhattan in New York City by the Hudson River.  I always recommend these views to friends that are coming to the New York/New Jersey area.  On the early mornings you can see people running about doing their business while your eyes are captured by the beautiful colors of the sunrise. The light of the sun creeping through those tall and beautifully odd shaped buildings mesmerize me.  Manhattan is as beautiful in the mornings as it is breathtaking in the evenings. You find families walking around with kids, single people with pets, teenagers trying to steal one last minute before bedtime, and people with beautiful bodies showing them off.  As soon as I pass the distraction of people around me and gaze toward New York City, I am helplessly trapped by its beautiful night lights. As I walk, I pick a comfortable and quiet spot, cross my arms and lean forward resting my upper body on the green golden fence and let my sight and imagination fly.  I know every city has its charms, and even though I love San Francisco, New York City still has a soft spot on my heart.  When I look at the city of Manhattan and see those yellow, gold, green, red, sparkling bright lights, they transport me to my teens and early twenties hanging out with friends and family around Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Radio City.  When I focus my sights to a specific area full of the various colors of the night, I feel as if I am rushed toward the center of Manhattan as it rushes out to meet me. It’s like a big image coming out of the theater screen. No wonder, people spend hours in these areas enjoying the views.  You know, how one experiences a beautiful view can positively impact ones outlook on life but how do we turn that around? Why not have interaction with technology that enhance our lives simply through gesture. Following on the ideas of views, images and body postures, Apple has been working on software to use interpretation of 3D imaging to control devices without physically touching it.

A friend of mine emailed me an article from CNNTech By Christina Bonnington where she speculates future control for the iPhone and iPad will be by hand sings from across the room.  She declares that Apple has already patented this idea/software since mid 2010.  New iPhones and iPads have the front-facing camera that allows the capturing of images facing it.  This ability of rotating the images will enhance the development of this software.  Basic gestures like check marks, circles, rectangles, and letters can be captured by the camera and turned into a 3D image that can further be turned into a command to be executed. All the while, this person can be sitting meters away.  People will be able to open applications and programs and then write, browse, and edit with basic body gestures.  I know we have already seen similar software before or at least played some type of game that uses body gestures, but the difference is on the simplicity and everyday application of this new software.  In looking ahead and specifically in the medical field and quality of life enhancement, this is a great revolution.  I am sure that in a few years we’ll be able to develop and improve the software so that people in wheel chairs will be able to control computers or other medical equipment with just hand gestures much like the great physicist Stephen Hawking uses his eyes today.  This will make today’s disabled less dependent and perhaps bring them a sense of mobility with a bit more dignity.  In the medical field, it would be great if one doctor in the operating room could manipulate different equipment while still having his surgical gloves on and not be concerned with contamination or infection due to handling of surgical instruments and visual displays in the operating room.  All of these wonders, and to have a play on words, are literally at hand. We as individuals and yes, our family and friends, have more wonders to look forward to and it’s exciting to me. Family and friends are a big part of my life; so the prospect of enhancing the quality of our lives is something of extreme importance to me.

Sorry that I can’t provide more links or visual aids, I am traveling!


1. zohranaeemi - October 31, 2011

I hope your enjoying your time with your family. I know how important family is that we can leave our priorities for them. I really like your explanation it gave me clear picture as if i was there. I enjoyed reading your post and your transition from family to the view of the city.

carlosgreat - November 6, 2011

Yes it is a beautiful city to enjoy from within and from the distance. It is very pleasant to unstress with a cup of hot coco on your hand while looking at this amazing view 🙂 .

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