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Capture Of Emotions. September 30, 2011

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I was abruptly yet unconsciously distracted while immersed in my thoughts on what to write about on this post today.  I am sure that in matter of seconds I thought of so many things from the Big Bang theory to the strawberry bush by my window.  While looking at my computer monitor, I found myself holding and playing with a small souvenir on my desk.  I looked at this small thing in my hands, and immediately my mind was transported a few years back.  All of the sudden I forgot all about my blog, the post and the brainstorming and was overwhelmed with this warm, happy queasy feeling and memories that this small object brought back to me.  The background noise from the TV caught my attention and forced me to turn around and look at the screen.   There, I saw a Borg walking so calmly with no emotions ready to assimilate a human.  The “Borg” is a character and alien species from the Start Trek series.  The Borg travels the galaxy and its inhabited planets to capture humanoids and turn them into part human and part machines.  The whole purpose of this assimilation is to capture the knowledge of the individual and species to share with the rest of the collective.

I was still feeling this soft tender feeling, which happens rarely, and it reminded me of  Khanh Ha’s blog and his post about  relationships.  And with these new ideas in my head about relationships, feelings, and Borg assimilation, I pondered: Is it possible to physically identify and capture feelings?

Emotions or feelings, specifically love is something that we can all talk and disagree about, yet no one is capable of properly describing or proving it.  The rush of emotions that we sense in our body with the contraction and expansion of every nerve ending, when we see or touch that other person is impossible to explain.  “You don’t understand”, we might complain when our parents disapprove of our sweethearts.  It would be tremendously helpful if we could show the sadness or rage that comes with betrayal or heartache.  It would give me such pleasure to stand with one foot forward for better support and strength then roll that emotion into some shape or form. Maybe one could swing that emotion and hurtle it towards another so that they can feel and acknowledge our emotion perhaps the extinction of therapists and passive aggressive behavior could happen if we accomplished this. Do you think our emotions would have more heart shapes or bullet shapes to send towards another?   I am experiencing nervousness about my post. I feel love, tenderness, horror with the Borg, revenge, acknowledgement, and the hardness of my keyboard.   Could we ever physically capture and explain in images or shapes these vast and complex emotions that make us human?  We cannot physically capture emotions yet; we can capture chemical reactions and stress levels as a result of our emotions.

We are capable of processing and storing information especially when it is driven by an emotion.  If we care about something, then we are more interested in capturing and retaining details about it.  Usually we think of the heart as the seed of emotion and the brain as the center of reasoning and intelligence.  The average person thinks of the brain as the organ that takes priority in making the most appropriate decision.  However, the brain freezes when it experiences an intense rush of emotion, such as fear or happiness, leaving the organ that produced the emotion influence the decision.   We freeze in shock or fear of dying when we are caught by surprise in the middle of the street by a speeding car. In the article, Fallow your heart, the author explains that heart’s cells develop faster than brain cells on fetuses allowing the inheritance of fear as a survival instinct before brain cells are able to suppress this inheritance.

Is it wrong then to accuse someone of letting his or her heart make decisions?  After a heart transplant, whose emotions are they, the dead person or the living one?  Would we consider a person incapable of emotions if he or she has a synthetic heart?

The little brain, as the heart is referred to sometimes, communicates with the rest of our body and brain through nerves, hormones, blood pressure, and electricity.   Awesome! These forms of communications can be tapped into and captured on images or graphs using specialized machines.  The heart releases Oxytocin, a love hormone that heightens the love and affection the host feels toward another person.  The electromagnetic field of the heart is the strongest one in our body and it can carry information several feet away from the body. The heart can communicate directly with the Amygdala, a part of the brain that coordinates behavioral responses and is capable of making decisions without waiting for the Cerebral Cortex, the thinking part of the brain.  Machines can measure the level of hormones, strength of magnetic fields, brain and body reactions and then generate a 2D or 3D image.  I presented few of these machines on my previous post: 3D Medical Scanning Machines.  But how can we possible explain the overwhelmed surrender to emotions triggered from high level of hormones, overpowering the thinking brain, and capturing the body and mind of a person standing several feet away?  I must admit, I am powerless before these emotions.  This is the only thing I can provide you with for now  🙂   😦   lol   haha   jiji  zzzzz  muuaaa which leaves me very short in telepathically receiving and understanding your emotions regarding this post!


1. jennifer - October 2, 2011

Sweet post, Carlos! I like how you paint a vivid picture of your blog brainstorming process,the ensuing distraction with the souvenir, Star Trek, and Khanh’s post, distractions which actually led you to write the very post that I was in the midst of reading! Cool! The heart-brain topic is a super-interesting one; you blend personal reflection and analysis pretty well here. I suggest trying to introduce your articles a bit more than you do, or perhaps be a bit more explicit about where your info comes from, who wrote it, etc. It’s good to have a clear distinction between what the articles say, and what you say about the articles. Keep up the awesomeness! Can’t wait to see where you go with this blog!

2. zohranaeemi - October 3, 2011

I must say very unique and interesting post. I really like how you wrote about different topics , but still connect them at the end with your article. Your writing style is very different and gives a very clear picture for the reader. I really like your blog because it talks about 3D imaging. I think it has been recently proved that our heart is the organ that control our brain not other way around. I enjoyed reading your blog thanks for the information.

3. lineahann - October 3, 2011

I also enjoy your writing style, it is easy to follow and keeps me interested. Describing emotions seems nearly impossible, it is possible to describe a feeling that is associated with the emotion but describing the emotion its self is difficult. I know hormones such as oxytocin are responsible for the feelings associated with love, i also heard that this hormone helps new mothers connect with their new born child as well as forget the pain she suffered from child birth. This was a great post, I would love to hear more about this topic.

4. iamdanielhuang - October 3, 2011

Great post. I always learn something new from reading your blog and I look forward to continuing doing so. I never knew the heart have those kind of capabilities. I think the complexity of emotions is what makes human beings so unique and special.

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