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3 Blogs- Education, Fun and Boxing Granny September 12, 2011

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“Su corazon se paro” His heart stopped! That was all my grandfather understood about heart disease when his son passed away.  “I want a 3D game”, cried the 6 year old boy, to his already confused grandmother at the game shop.  “A video that would show proper rotation of the earth and its location within our galaxy would be helpful in helping my kids with their science homework”, said my sister, mostly referring to programs she had watched on the Science channel. We had to show my mother a 3D video of a mammogram in order to convince her to go for a checkup.  Sharing information and knowledge with older generations is crucial.
See how happy and funny grandma can be playing a 3D Game, Wii.

3D can be created from live models, scanning machines and sketching

The basic ingredients behind 3D imaging for beginners are patience, enthusiasm, and basic computer literacy.  Anyone can start sketching and drawing either with pen and paper or with a computer program.  The Pigeon:impossible blogis a good place to read about misconceptions that new developers might have.  how much money you would spend on software and computer hardware? Need class to learn 3D or art skills?  The author from this blog recommends using Google SketchUp which is free and has lots for free video tutorials. The DAZ3D is another free software with some pre-sketched images to use.  As the author emphasizes, there is no right or wrong way to start working with a 3D image, just start moving and clicking with the mouse and let your hand and imagination do the rest.  WANT to TRY the beginning movements of a 3D environment from ambiera.com? Click links and then use the mouse or arrow keys, you will need your latest version of your browser. For a basic Room/box: or for a man walking
In the 21st Century there is still a big percentage of the population that cannot read or write and that makes them very vulnerable when it come to knowledge of  diseases and their treatments.  But we are born with basic senses which include sight and hearing, and that we can use to share knowledge.  Let’s take HIV for example, here in the US and other more developed countries, information, prevention and treating is more accessible and people are more educated about HIV, regardless of their behavior.     There is treatment for Post Exposure to HIV, called PEP, that is after a person has been exposed or comes in contact with fluids from a person with HIV.  This type of treatment is to help stop the replication of the HIV virus in a non-HIV person.  This treatment has to start within 72 hours of the exposure, and it is usually one pill per day for 28 days. The site, aids.gov, explain current statistics and treatment of HIV/Aids.  The blog thebody.com provides the basics for HIV treat starting from the 1990s. For questions or concern about your own HIV risks you can ask questions on this health board blog.  There are a lot of sites and blogs about HIV, just search on Google or wordpress.com.  I chose these blogs because they provide information,  pictures and interaction related to HIV.  Here is a clip that explain how this treatment works, ignore all the technical words and focus on the process.
In less developed countries how we explain our relatives about HIV prevention and treatment, when because of lack of education, economic means or religious beliefs they have never even used contraceptives.  When I visit El Salvador, I bring a variety of video clips on my lap top to show it to relatives or I even teach young relatives how to write a simple program that prints, “Hello World”. This is my initial small way of starting the sharing of information.

We can teach and learn from each other

I would never think of taking my grandma to a field and challenge her to a Soccer or Valley match, but my nephews do it all the time with their Wii or Xbox.  The medical field is also using these 3D gaming tools to get elderly or injured people to be active again. The blog  dfw.cbslocal.com shows how physical therapy in 3D environment is helping to make treatment less stressful and more enjoyable for senior.  This blog shows images and Videos about patient who had suffered strokes or join replacements using the 3D environment therapy.
So whether it is for fun, education, or just basic care for humanity, 3D technology is helping to close the gap between generations and educational backgrounds.

More specific details, outreach, medical advancements, and 3D try outs in future posts!


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