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Introducing Carlos Hernandez August 28, 2011

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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

You can listen to Lady Gaga, while you read my blog :).

Why English 414 doesn't make sense!!!

Lets immerse in the world of 2D -> 3D -> nD programming software and technology to explore the amazing, resilient yet fragile human body.  We will see and learn through texts, pictures and videos about parts of the human body that doctors, scientists and people in general have only dream of exploring in the past.  It is my intention to learn and share my findings with my readers so that we can all make educated decisions when it comes to certain type of medical procedures, involving the heart, brain, lungs, stomach, mouth and other parts of our body.  This is not a medical blog, it is a fun blog that will present media that will capture your interest and make you smile while exploring forbidden parts of the human body.  I will also explore and write about how 3D technology can be use in almost every aspect of our life and in many work fields.  For example, teaching can be accomplished in 3D environment.  You may visit this link to learn more.  I will be providing information about 3D softwares that we can all afford.  We are students and broke, so no need to spend more money to get a 3D picture of ourself for our ralatives or honeys :).  Better yet, there are tricks where our own cumputer Operatin System can do it for us.  You might be asking yourself who am I and why exploring this area, well I am just another curious person that wants to pass English 414 and rub it in my friends that I know how to blog!!!!

What is in my heart, that I can't stop thinking about that person!!!

My name is Carlos Hernandez and I am a senior student at San Francisco State University.  My major is Computer Science in software engineering.  Ever since I saw the first computer on a class room back in grammar school my curiosity in finding out how all those programs worked was awoken.  Back then there were only a couple of computers per school and every student had about 5 minutes to play a game once a week.  I would treasure those short minutes playing Tetris or Hangman games and I would dream of one day having my own computer and see what was inside of it and how those programs were created.

I was born in El Salvador, Central America and because of limited economic means and the civil war that the country was going through in the 80s and early 90s, my parents could only provide us with basic necessities of life, therefore a computer was out of the question.  Eventually we moved to the United States and my family settled on the east coast in the state of New Jersey.  In New Jersey I learned how to use computers and started working at a Bank and eventually got a job with Merrill Lynch.  It was a great experience getting jobs, in which the work was done mainly with computers, but I was not satisfied on just being a computer user, I wanted to be a computer programmer or computer designer.  But because of forces out of my control I had to start working very early to support myself and couldn’t attend college right away.  Finally I moved to San Francisco a few years ago and my job schedule was very flexible and I decided to enroll in college and start working toward my Computer Science degree.

It is not surprising that my blog will be about software development, focusing on imaging software.  I have always been fascinated on how scanning machine’s software works.  I loved accompanying my sisters or friends to the hospitals when they were pregnant so that I get to see how those devices generated 2D or 3D images of their unborn babies.  I am very interested in learning how current and future imaging software deployment can improve our knowledge and care of the human body.  I would like in the near future to be part of a research team where I can contribute to develop software that would generate accurate 3D images of the inside of the human body in the hope of early detecting irregularities.  Specifically irregularities that can lead to life threatening diseases, such as cancers, heart problem, or brain diseases and make this technology more accessible to third world countries.  Since I have never taken any class or research in this area, blogging about it will be a wonderful opportunity to do research, learn about it, and share my findings with everyone who is kind enough to read my blog.


1. chiamtang - September 1, 2011

I really do see that 3d technology images will become a major aspect in this world and I think computer programming will change the way we think. I feel your topic is very interesting and I hope to see more of it. I can see computer programming will help doctors decide on procedure and see the outcome before it happen. I think your topic is a very good choice especially your goal in computer designing. Maybe one day you would create a new program that could change the world. But overall keep doing what you are doing, glad to know you never gave up on school.

2. Caitlin - September 2, 2011

(Friday Sept. 2 Assignment)
Not sure how Lady Gaga has anything to do with the topic. Are there any songs you enjoy listening to that have to do with an organ/body, art, or something closer to the topic or your self introduction? I also don’t understand how the brain is connected to “Why English 414 doesn’t make sense!!!”

Here are some sentences that need a little correcting: “…who am I and why am I exploring this area…”, “…I saw my very first computer in a classroom back in grammar school, my…”, bank is lower case unless it is a bank name, “It was a great experience getting jobs working with computers, but I was not satisfied just being a computer user. I wanted to be a computer programmer or computer designer.”,
“I would like in the near future to be part of a research team where I can contribute to developing a software that would generate accurate 3D images of the inside of the human body in the hope of early detection of irregularities—specifically irregularities that can lead to life threatening diseases, such as cancers, heart problem, or brain diseases—and make this technology more accessible to third world countries.” I don’t think I am using “–-“ correctly, but the last part of the second sentence seems to be the ending of the previous sentence.

Sorry for messing with your sentences. I know how hard it is to find the right words and I hope I didn’t go too overboard. You’re topic seems focused enough already, so there is nothing more for me to say. It is a great topic.

3. aoropeza89 - September 2, 2011

wow your blog seems really interesting I will defiantly follow it from time to time

4. zohranaeemi - September 2, 2011

Interesting post I am very impresed because I love to learn about technology that will be helpful in the medicine field . I shadow a dentist and I see the 3D imaging it is fascinating to see how technology is making our life easier . Your blog will be one of my favorite blogs to follow and love to learn about new 3D, 2D, and other systems. keep up the good work.

5. foo4ulul - September 2, 2011

It took me awhile to find the real comment button…

I am very interested in your topic with the 3D imaging technology. How do you feel if SWAT teams and the local police start using such 3D technology to map out hostage situation? Is this a viable way of using this technology or would it be too expensive for the State to afford?

6. lineahann - September 2, 2011

Hello Carlos, your blog sounds really interesting and I look forward to learning about the various types of program software and technology used in the medical field. It is a subject I don’t know a lot about but I am interested in. I look forward to reading your posts.

7. khanhqha - September 2, 2011

Hey Carlos. You got me at give me music to listen to as I start to read your blog. As a technological “illiterate”, I admit I was a little bit overwhelm when I first start reading your blog. It seems like there are whirling gadgets and techno do-that’s all over, which made your blog look impressive, but sacred me a little. But having read your blog, I want to follow your blog to learn more about your inquiries in to 2D and 3D technologies. I particularly like your enthusiasm and keen desire to want to learn and do more with it. Hopefully, you can simplify it down enough for us common folks to understand.

jenougher - September 5, 2011

I agree with Khanh here, in terms of “technological illiteracy”. I am both intrigued, yet intimidated by the possibilities in your blog. Yet, you seem to have a very down-to-earth purpose: you want to explore this technology in such a way that you are learning about it, and distilling it for the masses. You’ll have to be mindful of certain terms that, to you, may seem standard, such as “nD”, but which to the layperson, may be intimidating. However, you don’t want to do too much hand-holding for your audience, because it could turn away readers with more expertise. It will be a challenging line to walk.

I’d suggest creating informative links to terms that laypersons would not understand, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time in your posts explaining these things, but instead, can get on to the analysis and synthesis work that you will be doing with your primary links: the research material that will add true substance and vigor to your blog!

Also, as Caitlin pointed out, be careful with the flashy “stuff” in your posts. Make sure that everything has a clearly defined purpose, both for yourself, and for your audience. Try to invite the reader to think alongside you, and to ask questions about issues and topics, but try not to not to leave too much guesswork for the reader.


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